How quickly can I get Fibre?

The average time frame for a new fibre install is between 1 to 8 weeks . However if you already have fibre installed it can take 1-4 business days to reactivate depending on the LFC (Local Fibre Company).

Fibre installation goes through four stages: Consent, Design & Build , Scope and finally Install.

Consent: The LFC (Local Fibre Company) in your area will have to get consent from each individual property owner that may be affected. For example when you live on a shared driveway or in a MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) such as an apartment or flat, each property owner and/or Body Corporate has to give consent. If a consent request is ignored or not replied to promptly it will slow down the install process considerably. We recommend communicating with your neighbors and/or property owner to avoid delays.

More information can be found here Chorus ConsentUltrafast Fibre ConsentEnable ConsentNorthPower ConsentCrown Fibre Consent

Design & Build: This is where the LFC (Local Fibre company) designs and builds the network and cabling at street level (outside of your property). Sometimes this can involve civil work such as breaking up the footpath, trenching, working with local councils for resource consent and other service providers e.g. power companies. If this has already been done in your street, this stage will be skipped. However if you are the first person in your street requesting Fibre it could take significantly longer to install.

Scope: At this stage a technician will come out to the property to meet with you and discuss how and where Fibre will be installed from the roadside into the building. This is an opportunity for landlords/property owners to raise any concerns they may have and make sure the installation will be completed to satisfaction. Please note: someone over the age of 18 will have to be present for the scope to reach an agreement with the technician on how the services will be installed.

Install: This is the final stage where a LFC technician will come out to install the service. Please note: someone over the age of 18 will have to be present to sign off the installation. Please make sure the job has been completed to your satisfaction before accepting and signing off.

*Once you have accepted and signed off their work, the technician will only return if there is a fault. Do not sign if you are not satisfied with the install.

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