How does the monthly billing process work?

Because this is a paid-in-advance service, each month you’ll pay for the following month’s service.

You’ll be billed one month in advance from the date you signed up. Once our service partner has confirmed the service has been installed / transferred your monthly billing date will be set to that date.

The monthly payment process will go like this:

  • We’ll send you an invoice : An invoice will be generated and sent to you 28 days before your next due date (except for the very first month when you sign up, when it’s generated immediately). (For how to pay your bill please check above)

Each month we’ll take several steps to make sure you remember to have your account paid in advance to ensure your services are not suspended:

  • We’ll email you a reminder 7 days before your due date if your account is unpaid.
  • If you go past your due date, we’ll send reminder emails on the 1st, 7th and 10th day after your due date.
  • If the account isn’t paid after your due date, a 15% late payment fee will automatically be added after 15 days past the due date.
  • If the account’s still unpaid 12 days after the due date, your account will be temporarily suspended.
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