HG659 - Spark

Logging into the Modem/Router:

1.Ensure your device is connected to the Router (preferably via cable)

2.Open a web browser

3.Type the following in the address bar at the top:

4.Default Username: admin

5.Default Password: admin

6.This should then give access to the routers user interface.


From the menu along the top of page select: Internet

2.From the menu on the left select: Internet Settings

3.On the main page locate: Spark_Fibre or Internet_TR069_ETH_VID10

4.Beneath this option select: Edit

Ensure the following settings are changed:

1.Enable Connection: Ticked

2.Service Type: tick Internet (TR069 and Voice not ticked)

3.Connection Type: IP Routing (PPP)

4.MRU: 1492

5.MSS: 0

6.NAT Type: NAPT

7.Enable VLAN: Unticked

8.PPP Authentication Mode: Auto

9.PPP Trigger Mode: Always On

10.Internet Account: (*****@hd.net.nz)Provided in a separate email

11.Internet Password: Provided in a separate email)

12.PPP Service Name: (Left Blank)

13.IP Protocol Version: IPV4

14.Static DNS: Unticked


Click: Save


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