Premium Fibre by HD

Be faster than your competitors


Premium Fibre by HD allows your business to take advantage of many high-end solutions that require fibre broadband speeds. Access to these ultra-fast internet solutions will make your business more connected, productive and ultimately more profitable.

Our high speed nationwide network is designed for functionality and diversity, allowing us to cater to any business size or application demands.


Carrier Neutral

We are Carrier Neutral allowing you interconnection between multiple telecommunication carriers


Lighting Fast

HD's huge bandwidth capacity allows you to pick the speed that your business needs


NZ Based Experts

Our friendly Auckland based support staff are here for you, as you need them, when you need them

Flexible Contracts

We have made our plans flexible, you can choose either 12, 24 or 36 month contract terms

  • Cloud Uploads

    Make better use of cloud compute and cloud storage services with premium fibre by HD.

  • WAN Servers

    Wide area networks allow Interconnectivity between multiple sites. Premium fibre by HD is the perfect solution for office to office connections.

  • VoIP

    VoIP with crystal clear quality and the same assurance as traditional plain old telephone lines.

  • Fast Multimedia Transfers

    Uninterrupted high speeds allow quick and easy file transfers.

  • Business Only

    Our advanced network supports multiple services as well as high speed, real time applications. Comes with user end Cisco equipment supplied, meaning no investment required by customers

  • High SLA

    Vector or Chorus carrier options, 802.1QinQ, 802.1Q and Jumbo Frames link architecture options and 99.99% SLA means ultimate reliability

  • Technology Types

    Vector Tail, Chorus Tail, Point to Point or DFAS (Dark Fibre) MPLS, WAN, Point to Point, Point to Cloud, Multipoint to Multipoint or VPLS networking options available

  • Diversity

    Can be delivered via single or dual fibres, Dual carrier or single carrier diversity and available at speeds of 100Mbps, 1Gbps or 10Gbps


Our carrier grade low contention broadband will allow your business to utilise high end online services.

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